How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer?

by | May 17, 2016 | Defense Lawyers

Managing Partner Joseph Scrofano discusses what folks should look for when hiring an criminal defense lawyer. Many people think there is a single best criminal defense or DUI attorney out there. However, there is no single best criminal defense attorney. Its important to hire someone you are comfortable with who will fight aggressively to protect your rights and get you a good result based on the facts of your case. Experience in the court you are getting charged in is another factor to consider when looking for the right criminal defense or DUI attorney. At Scrofano Law PC, we abide by three core principles: honesty, commitment, and creativity.

Does it matter if the lawyer practices in the Court I have to go to?

Its important to know whether the attorney you are speaking with practices in the court house your court date is in. There are a lot of excellent attorneys in Maryland and Virginia who only come into to DC to do some cases. You want to know if the person you consult with spends time in the courthouse you are going to. The reason for this is predictability. While a criminal defense lawyer cannot guarantee an outcome, they certainly can predict potential outcomes if they have enough experience practicing in the courthouse your case is in.

What if the defense lawyer makes a “guarantee”?

Be wary of guarantees. Any DC criminal or DUI defense lawyer who tells a prospective client she can guarantee a particular outcome in a case is full of shit. Criminal cases require good lawyering. Sometime they are decided by luck. But always they are outside of the defense attorney’s control. The judge or if you are lucky jury determines the outcome–not the defense lawyer. The best criminal defense lawyer can make decisions in the case that lead to good outcomes but these outcomes are never guaranteed. Anyone who claims they can guarantee a particular result in a DUI or criminal case is unethical and dishonest.

Why hire a DC criminal defense lawyer?

That said, the best criminal defense lawyers can influence the judge or jury in a way that achieves the goals of the client when the lawyer undertook the representation. Sometimes its getting a case dismissed; other times its avoiding mandatory jail time; but all times require a steady hand and experienced source of sound judgment. Decisions made in a crisis-which is usually happening when someone needs a DC criminal defense lawyer-should come fast and with confidence. A lack of knowledge of potential outcomes might reflect a potential lawyer’s lack of experience in your venue.

Why hire Scrofano Law PC?

We are always honest with our clients. 100 percent of the time. No exceptions. We will never try to convince you to plead guilty when its not in your interest to do so. We will never try to scare you into taking a deal. We are committed to your case. Whether it requires dragging out the case over a year and filing every possible non-frivolous motion, we will do it. Finally, we do not provide a standard approach to each case. Each case is different and we look for creative, outside the box solutions to the problems you face. If you are someone you know is under investigation or charged with a crime, crime contact Scrofano Law PC today for a full case evaluation.

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At Scrofano Law PC, we believe in three simple principles. Honesty. We are always honest to our clients. We will never force or manipulate you to plead guilty or try to convince you to do something…

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