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handcuffs-1156821-mIn the District of Columbia, the Metropolitan Police Department (“MPD”) makes numerous arrests for solicitation of prostitution through sting operations. Sting operations commonly involve undercover officers attempting to exchange sexual favors for money or vice versa. Due to the undercover nature of MPD’s sting operations, many people arrested for solicitation attempt to assert an entrapment defense. However, entrapment is a difficult defense to assert in a DC Solicitation case.

Under DC Solicitation laws, you must assert an entrapment defense for it to apply in your solicitation case. Entrapment occurs where law enforcement officials induce someone to commit a crime that they can prove they would not have otherwise done. To assert an entrapment defense, you must first make a showing that MPD induced you to participate in the solicitation of prostitution. This rule means that you have to present some evidence to show that the police coerced, threatened, or fraudulently persuaded you to commit a crime, which can be difficult to do when they do not record the sting operations.

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