Traffic Arrests

file5841282506972The DC Office of the Attorney General or “OAG” prosecutes these traffic offenses and they are all misdemeanor crimes.  These charges are different from a speeding ticket, for example, where the police just give a citation that must be paid.  Police can actually make an arrest if they have reason to believe the person committed these crimes.  The OAG offers a wide range of diversion options for first and sometimes second offenders in some cases.

The OAG diversion options include having the person charged remedy their license and/or completing community service in exchange for dismissing driver’s license related charges.  Other diversion options include a Deferred Sentencing Agreement or “DSA” where the person pleads guilty, completes some combination of classes, community service, and/or fines and then returns to court for sentencing.  If the person completes all the requirements of the agreement, the OAG will not oppose a withdrawal of the original guilty plea and then dismiss the criminal case.

In addition to DUI, DWI, and OWI, there are four main traffic offenses that the police in DC can arrest people for:

Speed over 30
Reckless Driving
No Permit

A conviction for a DC traffic offense can have serious consequences, including loss of license or driving privileges, probation, or even jail.  Contact Scrofano Law for a free consultation at 202-765-3175.